Time difference

The time in Galapagos is six hours earlier than Europe and one hour earlier than the Ecuadorian mainland (GMT, -6).


Every tourist must travel with his/her original passport to Galapagos.


The Galapagos Islands are cool from June to November and hot from December to May. The temperature varies between 18 ºC and 35 ºC.


Tourists are required to pay three types of taxes: the Galapagos National Park charges $80 and the Municipality charges $20. Children pay half the adult rate. The transit control card costs $20. There are no discounts for students, children or senior citizens. Tourists traveling from a country that is a member of the Andean Pact pay a special rate. Taxes are subject to change without previous notice and function according to national and local governmental regulations. The dock tax is $5 on Isabela Island, and the airport tax is $15 for flights between islands. Please reconfirm this information with our office before starting your trip.


There are two intercontinental airports: one is on Baltra Island and the other is on San Cristobal Island and is also known as the Baquerizo Moreno Port.


The fastest way to reach the Islands is by air. TAME, AVIANCA and LAN are the airlines that fly to the Galapagos Islands. At present, there are several flights a day to the Islands. EMETEBE is another company that fly’s between Baltra, San Cristobal and Isabela. This company is not an airline –it is an office that sells seats to individual passengers and charter flights in small planes (9 passenger limit) but does not guarantee service.

Baggage Allowance

In regard to luggage, airline regulations recommend traveling with a suitcase having a maximum weight of 20 kg. Plus one small lightweight carry-on bag (8kg). Trading boats (dock -to-dock) accept one 40-lb. suitcase plus one carry-on bag, and inter-island flights accept 20 lbs. plus a small carry-on bag.

What to Take Along:

Remember that the Galapagos Islands are out of the mainland and include a number of very interesting activities such as walking, swimming, and snorkeling. Consequently, we recommend taking comfortable lightweight informal clothing appropriate for changes in the weather. We also suggest taking a bathing suit, T-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, hat or cap, insect repellent, sun block, sport shoes good for walking over lava and rocky surfaces, and sandals for walking in water. For the cool months, a water repellent jacket or poncho and lightweight pants (not jeans) are essential.

Other important items to take are lip balm, eye drops, and plastic bags to protect cameras or electronic equipment, medicine (pills or patches) to counteract seasickness, a camera, binoculars, and any medicine recommended by your personal physician for specific medical needs.

Smoking is prohibited in the cabins of all ships and hotel rooms.

Emergency numbers

In case you need assistance any time of day or night, there are two emergency cell phone numbers you can use to contact our sales and operations department. These numbers will be on your service voucher. 24/7 emergency phone numbers: +593 998300268 / +593 987933547

Purchases in towns and on board

Cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) are accepted in towns. On board ships, it is best to pay in cash. Only on Santa Cruz Island at Puerto Ayora it is possible to obtain cash at a bank or an ATM. This service is not available on other islands. If you need to use credit cards for on-board purchases, please ask about this beforehand.

Air Fares

Our cruises and programs do not include the price of airfare.

There are two seasons:

  • · High season: July, August and December
  • · Low season: the rest of the year

There are special rates for passengers from countries belonging to the Andean Pact (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile).

There are rates for children and babies. We need clear copies of their passports in order to charge special rates.

If you purchase a cruise or a package with us, your air reservation is confirmed automatically.

Accommodations for Passengers Traveling Alone

The prices for a cruise are for individual passengers who share a double cabin on board. If a person is traveling alone, he/she will be required to share a double cabin with another passenger of the same sex or pay the difference of the cost of a single room, depending on the type of ship.

Services Included in our Galapagos Islands CRUISES

All our cruises include three meals a day and non-alcoholic drinks (non-bottled drinking water, juice, coffee, teas), visits, excursions to the islands according to the itinerary authorized by the Galapagos National Park, a bilingual (Spanish and English) naturalist guide, lodging.

Services NOT Included in our Galapagos Island CRUISES

Round-trip tickets to Galapagos, liquor and bottled drinks, snorkeling equipment,  personal expenses, extras, tips, entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park ($100 foreigners, $50 Andean Pact and $6 Ecuadorians), migratory transit control card ($20).



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