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More reasons to visit Quito


Recently the city has developed and improved tourist attractions, in order to reach more Quiteños and foreigners alike, so that all may enjoy these spaces. Below you’ll find a few must-see list of spots to include in your itinerary:

Meeting places, town squares.

In La Mariscal, you’ll find the colorful Borja Yerovi Square (Carrión and 9 de Octubre, on the corner), where the front walls of the surrounding houses were renovated by urban artists. Today, this corner plaza is ideal for taking pictures, particularly of its murals, as well as for enjoying a cup of coffee or a light snack. During the weekends, visitors can find handcrafts and cultural events at the square.

In the Historical District behind City Hall, the Plaza Chica (Small square) on Guayaquil and Espejo, has become a new space to sit and have a chat, enjoy the colonial scenery, or have a delicious cup of Quiteño coffee. The area was adapted with new gardens, benches and a flower stand.

San Marcos Square has also been renovated. It offers a tour of its fountain and gardens, and welcomes visitors to its church, as well as the nearby galleries, museums, restaurants and neighborhood coffee shops, which still preserve the authenticity of the Center of Quito.

Admiring centennial trees and gardens

Magnolias, Araucarias, Arupos, Chilean Myrtles, Palm trees or Cedars, are some of the tree species that decorate the Historical District and other areas of the city. They are part of Quito’s natural heritage and of its history. Some have been around for over 150 years. Today, you can appreciate them as you walk by and learn more about them.

The gardens and courtyards are another reason to visit the city. Lush gardens, patios and balconies have been renovated in several patrimonial mansions of the Historical District, where the warmth and fullness of the Geraniums, Hydrangeas, Ivy, Ferns and Jasmines will enchant you. Besides sprucing up the old mansions, the gardens allow visitors to experience an ancient city tradition, looking after the gardens as true treasures.


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