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5 Dishes for less than 3USD


A place where the taste and tradition gets together, this is how the Iñaquito Market can be defined in the north of Ecuador’s capital. With one block of infrastructure in its surroundings people sell; grains, chocolates and other products. However, the real magic is inside, in the food court. There, women known as ‘caseritas‘ from 18 to 70 years are located in cubicles covered with white tile, they attract tourists with phrases like “mi vida, mi tesoro, mi rey, muñeco” (my baby, my treasure, my king’ (recomiendo poner en español y en un pie de pagina lo que son estos modismos)  … come and try these delicacies, everything is fresh and prepared with love”.


You can find the delicious ‘Hornado’ for less than $ 3 USD. 

This is one of the emblematic dish of Ecuadorian cuisine. So iconic, that there is even a ‘Mundial del Hornado’ where the best hornado is chosen and participate 11 provinces. The Iñaquito Market has this variety of meat (pork baked on low heat, which makes the texture juicy), llapingachos (potato tortillas), lettuce, tomato and sour sauce.

The small portion is for $3 USD and the large portion is for $5 USD.


Breaded Corvina

This fish, with its varieties: corvina with yellow and purple tail, cachema and eagle, is a delicacy because of their white meat of firm texture. In this market they serve a generous breaded slice with a crispy and soft dough, accompanied by white rice and pickles of tomato, onion and lemon.

The plate costs $2.50 USD.



If a pharmaceutical investigates the potential of the ‘Encebollado’ to cure the ‘chuchaqui’ (hangover) they would encapsulate it and sell it. However, it would lose grace because this soup made with onions, albacore or tuna and cassava, is a delight in every bite while it smokes on the face of the eater/commensal. The Iñaquito Market is known for its delicious ‘encebollados’.

Each course costs $2 USD.

The ‘encebollado’ is a soup capable of curing the hangover. 



This is a traditional dish of the Ecuadorian Sierra. These are big chunks of fried pork that are served with white hominy, potatoes and salad. In the market ‘caseritas’ preserved the tradition in the preparation of this dish.

The portion costs about 3 USD.

The ‘Fritada’ has chunks of fried pork with some delicious side dishes. 


‘Papas con Cuero’

A peanut sauce with creamy texture in which potatoes swim, the pigskin is one of the most requested delicacies in the Iñaquito Market. Served with rice, hard-boiled egg, avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion.

The price of this dish from Quito, it’s about 2 USD.


Text: By Ivanna Zauzich


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